Rescue dog with one ear paints his way into adoption

Rescue dog with one ear paints his way into adoption

Van Gogh is a rescue dog
Van Gogh creates impressionist art by licking a canvas. (Image credit: @dog_rates/Twitter)

Van Gogh is a rescue dog who was used as bait in dog fights in the US, losing an ear in the process.The seven-year-old pit bull mix was rescued by Jaclyn Gartner, the founder of Happily Furever After Rescue in Connecticut, after she saw a photo of him online. Gartner used Van Gogh's namesake, the Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, to help him find a new home. She put dollops of paint on a canvas, smeared it with peanut butter, and sealed it in a plastic bag. As Van Gogh licked the peanut butter off the canvas, he created his first painting. Gartner eventually organised a gallery exhibition for potential adopters, but only two people turned up. However, word quickly spread about Van Gogh's art and people started buying his work, commissioning pieces, and eventually, he was adopted by Jessica Starowitz. Van Gogh now lives happily in his forever home.




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